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Digital Art

To create these pictures,  the ideas have to be discussed in advance so that proper planning can be made. These pictures reflect a story, dream or cool idea that otherwise can't be made with traditional photography, making them truly unique! 

Prices vary depending on how elaborate / how much work will need to go into shooting and postproduction.

Images that are simply manipulated start at 49€.

Images that are composited and contain only one or two persons in it run between 149€-199€.

Determining factors include: 

- How many people are in the picture

- If the background needs to be replaced

- A complete new environment needs to be constructed 

- If only a single shot is made or a series

Only after the ideas and number of pictures have been discussed can I offer you a final cost.

Fitness Shoots

  • Prices start at €150. You receive only edited pictures in their original size, as well as smaller watermarked versions which can be used to upload on social media. Ask me about special conditions for athletes. These are made at my discretion. Once completed, you will receive the edited pictures via a download link.

  • Shoots can take place in a studio, on location or both. I seldom restrict a photoshoot to time. The more time you bring with you, the greater variety we can shoot. I generally shoot around Nürnberg, Germany, seen on the map below. I love trying to realize a cool idea and welcome your ideas as well!

  • Shoots should be planned about 2-3 months in advance. This makes finding a date easier and allows you enough time to fine-tune your eating and training regimens.

  • Some strive to keep fit all year round while others have a routine of building up mass and then working on defition (such as competitors). The latter typically deplete their body of excess water in the days before a shoot, as well as refraining from carbohydrates, though taking them in again on the last day. Each person is different and what works for one might not work for the other. Seek the advice of professionals and listen to your body! A photoshoot can be exhausting. Many who are tired and in a bad mood because of their diet tend to be unfocused and unmotivated during a shoot, which seldom results in great pictures. Come pumped, but come energized and motivated! I can only shoot what you give me. 

  • Digital artwork is not done spontaneously. A lot of preparation is done in developing ideas, acquiring props and costumes and acting out the role. These pictures also take longer to edit since many hours go into post production. If interested in such pictures, please make this known far in advance.


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